Home Based Case Work

Home Based Case Work

Providers work directly with parents and guardians to reduce maltreatment, improve caretaking and coping skills, enhance family resilience, support healthy and nurturing relationships, and children’s physical, mental, emotional, and educational well-being.

Home base case management is a service provided to families involved with DCS and probation. These services are delivered through home and community services. These services are available for both pre and post adoption as parents who are working to establish safe and nurturing parenting skills. The goal of these services is to keep children from entering a foster home. This in-home service is guided through evidenced based practices that promote family centered, and culturally competent curriculums. HBCW is administered by individuals who have training and education in human related fields like social work and psychology. Home based case management goals are effective in reducing maltreatment, improving caretaking and coping skills, enhancing family resilience, supporting healthy and nurturing relationships, all while attending to the children’s physical, mental, emotional, and educational wellbeing.

Our team of HBCW’s will conduct home visits, engage in DCS case planning, provide supervised visitation including parenting with children present, and assist with coordination of services. RM HBCW’s will also assist with conflict management, emergency/crisis services, influence child development, parent, and domestic violence education. Our Home-Based contractors work to increase family communication and behavior modification that leads to successful case closure. Home-Based contractors assist with facilitating transportation and participation in child and family team meetings. HBCW services will provide reactive attachment disorder (RAD) support and foster family support as well as advocate for families.  HBCW’s work to assess the family and complete referral follow ups to ensure methods are effective and accurate. HBCW’s will help develop structure/time management for families to meet their long- and short-term goals. Our HBCW’s will assist families with budgeting/money management, meal planning/preparation to, and life skills training to increase the chances of long-term case closure. Lastly, RM Home Based Case Workers monitor the families progress of parenting skills and overall resilience. These services are our tool to fight recidivism for our families reentering the DCS system.


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