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How RM partnered with DCS

Resilient MINDS is Contracted with the State of Indiana Department of Child Services to provide Community Based programs that are court ordered by DCS courts. This agreement is made possible through a rigorous application and bidding process in which Indiana creates and opens when a need in services has been identified. Applicants are put through the task of formulating and developing a stringent business plan, an execution of services applied for and asked to prove their ability to execute services according to set service standards laid out by the Department of Child services. After this has been properly documented and proven, applicants that pass are selected and awarded a contract. Resilient Minds was awarded the opportunity to serve its community in July 2019. Resilient Minds provides services that are court ordered and put in place to assist parents in reunification with their children whom they have been separated due to abuse and/ neglect, educational neglect, inability to provide a safe and loving environment in which a child can thrive.

RM DCS Services

Stringent Requirements & Background Checks

RM currently provides five services which are supervised visitation, Home Based Case Work, Father Engagement, Home Maker Parent Aid/Paraprofessional and Tutoring services. Our Subcontractors hold the title of Home-Based Case Worker, Home Maker Parent Aid and/or Tutor. Resilient MINDS offers interpretation in foreign languages for some of these services. RM is based out of Indianapolis, Indiana serving its county Marion and surrounding counties of Hancock, Hamilton, Boone, Hendricks and Johnson. Resilient MINDS is currently in the process of adding additional services not limited to Home Based Therapy, Therapeutic Supervised Visitation, Parental Education, Recovery Coach Services. Resilient Minds employs over 60 individuals. Sub-Contractors who have strict background requirements, educational requirements and DCS training carry out the Community Based services. Resilient Minds Workers all have to pass National Child Abuse Background checks, National Fingerprints Background, National Sex Offender Check, Local and State Background Checks. As well as be trained in Child Care Safety, CPR and First Aid.

Our Workers CARE

How we are different

Resilient MINDS stands apart from other agencies because here we know that people go through things and they can get through them. Resilient Minds Subcontractors and employees believe and impart to their clients that if they seek to overcome their issues and unfavorable circumstances they can accomplish their goals, dreams and intended target while displaying; tremendous grit.
We know that through real relationships our subcontractors have with their clients, our clients are treated different and given the tools needed to launch and propel them forward so that they can become the best versions of themselves. We embody the phrase, “It’s hard and I can do it.” We know that the journey will not be easy and we hold their hand and place accountability and responsibility on them to provide a life in which them and their children can thrive. We do this by exposing them to new experiences and by creating accessibility to community resources required to help our families gain long term stability and stop recidivism into our DCS Court System. Our subcontractors care about the work they do. To further ensure the success of our clients and to get them the most qualified assistance possible.

Our Workers WORK

They are Educated and Experienced

RM ensures that, all of our subcontractors have educational backgrounds in psychology, social work, mental health or a human related field. Most of our contractors hold master degrees in a human related field. All of our contractors have prior work experience working in social welfare and community sectors with families and children. RM currently employs veterans, military personnel, prior Department of Child Service staff, Doctors, Social Workers, Therapists. RM staff have experience in Indiana’s most prominent community programs such as Damar Behavioral Services, Volunteers of America, Families First, Indiana Department of Corrections, Adult and Child, Lutherwood, Options, Community North Behavioral Pavilion, Gallahue Mental Health Services to name a few. Most graduates have earned degrees and attended local state colleges like Several contractors are on track to earn licenses in mental health or social services. Once licensed they will provide additional services for RM.
Resilient ONES

Delivering Evidenced Based Curriculums

RM prides itself on being bilingual and offering services in French, Spanish, Swahili, Mandarin, Burmese and some African dialects. Here at RM our subcontractors’ partner with our community to enforce the, “Power of Resiliency.” We teach our families how to become better individuals, parents and members of their families by getting to the center of who they are. This is implemented by using, “Evidence-based Curriculums,” approved by The Indiana Department of Child Services surrounding topics our families are facing. Some topics covered with families are Mental Health, Parenting Skills, Appropriate discipline, Anger Management, Budgeting, Family planning, How to be a better dad, Home organization and Meal planning, Tutoring & Education for Children, Assistance for foster parents and parents Navigating the Educational system, Behavior Modification, Substance abuse, Resiliency within families. RM stands united with the DCS community as being an, essential social service agency, that directly assists in making our families into, “Resilient Ones.”


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